It’s time to think about that special day. The day that you love or dread and funnily enough always manages to fall on the exact same date. That’s right; it’s time to talk about your birthday!
Some years pass by more quietly than others but moving from one decade to the next is a milestone in your life that should be celebrated.
Here are a few reasons why you should let your hair down and paint the town red

Reason n*1 | Friends and family

A birthday celebration is a great time to catch up with friends, family and colleagues. It’s often challenging to get all of your favourite people together in one place. A birthday is a great opportunity to do just that! Invite them all or just a select few? Either way, cementing your relationships in person with your loved ones is invaluable in a world where our real life bonds are being made weaker and weaker through the ever expanding social media channels. There’s nothing like actually greeting someone you care about rather than a generic thumbs up or emoticon.

Reason n*2 | Creating fabulous memories

Memories… The best thing about memories is making them. Escape from the monotony of the daily grind. Surely there’s more to life than the daily grind. Create special moments to relive during the humdrum days.

Reason n*3 | “Don’t worry about a present your presence is more than enough.”

We’ll tell our guests not to worry about a present, (we may even mean it sometimes) but it’s always nice to be spoiled rotten and there’s no better day for it! Whether grandiose, or more humble and personal, the traditional birthday gift can mean just as much to the recipient as it does for the person giving the present.

Reason n*4 | Carpe diem

The same question pops up in our heads every year. Should I do something for my birthday? The simple answer to this question is YES! As so succinctly put by the youth of today “ You Only Live Once”. This year (like every year) IS the right time to celebrate!

Reason n*5 | Eat, drink and be merry

Indulge yourself with something special for your birthday. You are the queen or king of the day and should be fed and watered as such! Order your favourite fare at a special restaurant or bar, try something new and outrageous or even have your favourite home cooked meal whipped up for you. How about a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with? Just make sure you don’t forget the cake!

Reason n*6 | The attire

Getting dressed up in a sparkly new outfit or digging out your favourite glad rags is an integral part of your big day. Dress to impress! You could even have a theme for the party to make sure you and your guests all look as fabulous as each other. Whatever you decide to put on, don’t forget to wear the most important accessory… Your smile! 😀

Reason n*7 | The venue

We’ve had the parties at home growing up, we’ve had the family celebrations at our parents and grandparents places. Why not try something new and more spectacular this year? Find a place that reflects you and what you want to do for the evening. There is also the amazing benefit of not worrying about tidying up the next day! There are a multitude of venues which could fit your personality and needs. Maybe VANILLA could be a good choice…

Here are few themes for each of the big decades definitely worth celebrating
30 … The age of reason, it’s time to reflect on the last 3 decades! You are now independent and free to spend your own money
40 … This is possibly the last crazy decadent celebration you can physically endure. Make sure to do just that!
50 … Why not throw a fancy dress party?
60 … Celebrate the start of a new life, you are soon to be free from work commitments
70 … This is the perfect occasion to re-live all your cherished memories with close friends and family by delegating the party planning.
80 … Why not organise a special meal in a special place with all your dearest friends?

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