For quite some time now, a “Healthy “way of living has been and still is a very important topic.

As well as becoming fashionable with some, it is also considered a new way of tackling your daily routine. New habits and conscious decisions are made daily to improve our health and wellbeing.

From freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning, a few extra glasses of water during the day or the general avoidance of overly sweet and sugary drinks, our thoughts are now focused on being more healthy and better towards our bodies and souls.

More and more, organic, local and ethically grown fruits & vegetables invade our cupboards, filling our plates and becoming our favourite’s meals.

Be warned, a healthy lifestyle and dieting are two completely different choices and while you are likely to lose weight while eating healthy food, weight loss isn’t the prime reason for that considerate decision.

So let s start with how to treat yourselves with 2017newhealthytrends


This is the most colourful and wholesome way to dish out and enjoy a plate of pasta. With five times less calories than the flour/wheat based version it also contains three times less carbohydrates. If you fancy surprising your guests with a dish bursting with flavour, texture and colour while also being healthier than its common alternative, then veggie spaghetti is your weapon of choice. Be creative and explore endless possibilities such as courgette, beetroot, celeriac, courgette, marrow or carrot. Season with coriander, sesame seeds, cream cheese or mushroom, add a poached egg. “Et voila!”

Good news for the sweet and sour fan, spaghetti also works with fruits such as pear or apple.


We are likely to see a lot more purple on our plates in 2017. This particular colour in fact has some beneficial effects associated with anthocyanins and their power to block the development of carcinogenic cells in red meat due to their resveratrol content. It also apparently helps with memory so more reason to jump on it right away.

There are numerous types of purple fruit and veg such as cabbage, black rice, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, elderflower and Acai bay.

So what are you waiting for?

On top of the gorgeous colour brought to your dishes by these lovely foods it’s also full of goodness and great for your health and that’s healthy eating!


This might seem a little strange at first but these very yoghurts will most certainly make a mark in 2017.

As I mentioned earlier, being healthy means being creative, Yummia (like many others) have just launched some new and original yogurt flavours. Yoghurt created from a mix of fruit and vegetables might seem a little peculiar but the results are surprisingly good!

What will be your first pick? Will you be tempted by apple and carrot or strawberry and beetroot?


You won’t be able to miss this new craze this summer and for good reason, Beyoncé is a fan!

Much more than that, she is even one of the principal investors in the brand. Drinking healthily is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle and one not to be missed. This delicious fruit and water blend can replace the sugary soft drinks and fruit juice of the past. It’s said to be very hydrating, with no added sugar or preservatives, it fits all the criteria to become your new favourite drink.


Our last phenomena and very much in vogue is the poke bowl.

High in colour and flavour it’s generally made up of raw fish, algae, vegetable and fruit such as pineapple or mango and served with white rice. Seasoned to your liking using sesame seeds, this healthy meal allows you to discover a large and varied range of flavour combinations.

Suitably low in calories you can enjoy and feast on a healthy meal while naturally supplementing your omega 3 intakes and lowering your risk of heart disease.

#tombo in London

These are a few ideas to give your body and taste buds a well-deserved treat and also improve your overall health.

Don’t hesitate to share your tips or healthy culinary ideas and stories.

These new trends will hopefully be on everyone agenda’s in 2017!

  • A “healthy “state of mind has no borders and it’s definitely not limited to what you eat or drink.
  • It also encompasses environmental values and is not limited to what goes on our plates.
  • We are now more cautious about where our clothes come from, how they are made and by who.
  • The made in China label is a lot less attractive these days than it’s ever been.
  • The handmade and locally produced alternatives have become our favourites.
  • The big brands better watch out!
  • No more bad food, good bye unhealthy take away and welcome to the new and wholesome healthy food option. #becreative.

VANILLA takes care our health’s conscience guests; our head chef has recently offered a healthy menu:



Quinoa, roast peppers, red onions and purple broccoli

Prawn and avocado mousse

Spring vegetable basket (Filo) with basil dressing


Pearl barley and vegetable confit

Slow cooked vegetable with fried basmati rice and Kerala curry sauce

Green beans salad with purple potatoes, cherry tomatoes and cucumber


Raspberry tart

Pineapple Carpaccio with fresh mint

Fresh fruit salad with sorbet

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